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Types Of Fence

Types Of Fence

Al Franz Fence Company offers fence installation services for all types of fences. Our fences are pet-friendly. We work on both commercial and residential projects.

We specialize in:

  • Wood Fencing Installations

    The wood fencing experts at Al Franz Fence Company have over 200 years of experience at providing quality fencing.  We assist you with designing a style that complements your home or office.

  • Metal Fencing Installations

    Al Franz Fence Company can provide quality metal fences whether you are looking to beautify your yard, define boundaries or just keep out pests.

  • Chain link Fencing Installations

    At Al Franz Fence Company we offer chain link fence installation, that will enhance the appearance and security of your yard.

  • PVC-Vinyl Fencing Installations

    We provide PVC-Vinyl fencing installations to residential and commercial buildings. They are nearly maintenance free and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

At Al Franz Fence Company, our fences are pet-friendly. We can make concrete curbs that prevent ground dust, water, garbage, and litter items from entering your premises. Our fences also help you keep your furry friends inside, safely.
Our growth over the years comes from our satisfied customers, both new and regular. Word-of-mouth is how our advertising is best done.

We serve in San Antonio and South Texas

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